“Adding Mefloquine to An Alzheimer’s Drug is Like Adding Gasoline to a Fire Extinguisher”

As described in this press release, executive director Dr. Nevin has written to Mathieu Charvériat, Scientific Director and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Paris-based Theranexus, sharing the foundation’s concerns regarding the Theranexus drug candidate THN201, a combination of donepezil and mefloquine, which aims to treat Alzheimer’s disease. Theranexus recently received regulatory approval to begin testing the drug combination in clinical trials.

“Adding mefloquine to an Alzheimer’s drug is like adding gasoline to a fire extinguisher,” said Dr. Nevin. “The last thing a family member would want is for their loved one to suffer the remainder of their lifetime from horrific nightmares and worsened cognitive impairment as a result of their use of a study drug. Yet this is precisely what may happen with attempts to use mefloquine to treat Alzheimer’s disease.”

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Support The Quinism Foundation at the 2018 AMSUS Annual Meeting

The Quinism Foundation is honored to have been invited by the scientific committee of the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States (AMSUS) to give a 50-minute talk to conference attendees on the topic of mefloquine poisoning. The talk will cover how to screen for mefloquine exposure, and how to evaluate patients claiming chronic adverse effects from the drug.

AMSUS does not pay any of the foundation’s expenses in travelling or registering for the conference to be able to give this talk. Your support can help ensure DoD and VA clinicians  in attendance are able to learn from this important information.

Please support this effort — the clinician that attends this talk may be your own!

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