The Royal Canadian Legion Grants $25,000 to Support Quinism Education and Research

Executive Director Dr. Nevin recently traveled to Ottawa, Ontario, to accept a $25,000 grant from the Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command to support education and research on quinism.

The grant will support The Quinism Foundation’s efforts to raise awareness of the effects of mefloquine poisoning among Canadian veterans. Are you a Canadian veteran who would like to participate in this effort and share your story of how mefloquine poisoning has affected you? Please contact us for further information.

Are You Among the 1%?

The Quinism Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity that relies entirely on private charitable donations to fund its operations, including its educational meetings, research activities, press releases, and publications. Did you know that only about 1% of our readership actively supports our efforts?

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Chris Hrudka’s Story

At our 2019 Annual Meeting, The Quinism Foundation was delighted to welcome Christopher Hrudka as the newest member of our organization’s board of directors.

Chris Hrudka is a 24 year Marine Corps veteran and accomplished and proven leader.  A native of Deerfield, Illinois and a graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder, Chris was commissioned in May 1994.

In his distinguished career as a logistician and planner, Chris served in many staff, instructor and command billets, and worked across military departments and other federal agencies giving him a wide breadth of experience. Chris’s final assignment was as Commander of a Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Battalion.

After retiring from Active Duty after over 24 years in 2018, Chris assumed the role of Vice President of Operations and Military Relations of Hope For The Warriors.

The Quinism Foundation is delighted to welcome Chris to our board. We invited him to share his story about how he has been personally affected by quinism with our readers.

Tell us the story of how you were affected by quinism.

I took Mefloquine in Afghanistan in 2007 as part of a small team from the 22nd MEU.  The medicine gave me vivid hallucinations and caused significant damage that I am still feeling today.  It disrupted my vestibular system, I have chronic migraines, severe light sensitivity, tinnitus, cognitive difficulty, short term memory difficulties, and challenges with emotional control.

How has the foundation made a difference to you?

The foundation and Dr. Nevin have championed this cause and became a voice that so many service members need to advocate for change.  Dr. Nevin helped me pinpoint the nature of my illness, and as a medical advocate to make the military realize the damage it caused.

What would you like to tell others about quinism and the foundation?

Quinism is a real problem that impacts so many people who now struggle with their health, getting the treatments and therapy they need, and the recognition of the injuries incurred as part of their service to our country.  The foundation has dedicated itself to changing policy and being an advocate for those who are struggling, and it needs our support.