Mefloquine Disability Evaluations for U.S. Veterans

The Quinism Foundation reminds U.S. veterans seeking VA disability compensation for conditions they believe are due to their use of mefloquine (previously marketed as Lariam) that they have the opportunity to seek an independent medical opinion (otherwise known as a “nexus letter”) directly from The Quinism Foundation to support their claim.

Conditions which have been successfully awarded include anxiety and depressive disorders, sleep disorders including sleep apnea, paresthesias and radiculopathies, migraine and headache disorders, cranial neuropathies, and visual and vestibular disorders, among others.

Veterans who wish to obtain an independent medical evaluation from the foundation must ensure they have complete documentation related to their case. In most cases, this process requires a review of a complete copy of the veteran’s VA claims file, or “C-File.” The Quinism Foundation strongly encourages veterans to work with an accredited veterans’ representative, such as a veteran service officer, to request this documentation.

Veterans contemplating these services are encouraged to begin this process immediately, as it can take upwards of 12 months to obtain the “C-File” from the VA.

Once this documentation is obtained, veterans should contact the foundation directly to learn more about the availability of these services. Veterans or their representatives with questions about the process are also encouraged to contact the foundation for more information.

Although a paid service, veterans are offered disability evaluations at reduced fees, to be subsidized through the foundation’s charitable activities. Fees paid to the foundation for these services are not deductible for income tax purposes as charitable contributions, although tax-deductible support of the foundation’s charitable mission will assist needy veterans in accessing these services.

The foundation is proud to be listed as a registered charity in the PayPal Giving Fund, on Amazon Smile, and in the Network for Good’s donor-advised fund. The Quinism Foundation has also partnered with Vehicles For Charity to provide an easy-to-use, tax-deductible process to donate your vehicle. You can also read more about the foundation’s charitable activities by reviewing our listing on Guidestar.

Supporter Completes Trek to Mount Everest Base Camp

As reported recently on BBC Breakfast Radio, The Quinism Foundation is pleased to share news that one of its youngest supporters has completed her trek to reach Mount Everest base camp.

Leah’s mountain-sized challenge in support of The Quinism Foundation and other charities covered 26,500 feet of ascent and descent over 82 miles. Braving freezing temperatures, low oxygen levels, and enduring brutally steep climbs, Leah achieved her challenge in spades.

You can learn more about Leah’s successful trek and show your support for her incredible efforts here. Congratulations, Leah!

Mefloquine Veterans’ Attorney Featured in Law Magazine

New Jersey-based attorney Neboja “Vic” Zlatanovic, who has worked on several mefloquine-related claims, was recently featured in New Jersey Lawyer magazine, with his publication of an article entitled, “Mefloquine: Health Concerns and VA Disability Claims.” You can learn more by reading this press release. Congratulations, Vic!

Researcher Seeks to Interview Women Affected by Mefloquine

Dr. Tanja Hammel is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of History, University of Basel, Switzerland. She is writing a global history of the side effects of mefloquine. Before she started this project, she focused on hitherto neglected women in the history of science and missionary work in colonial South Africa and Papua New Guinea. However, in her current project, she has thus far only interviewed men. To counter this imbalance, she desperately needs to talk to women who have experienced side effects as well. If you are a woman affected by mefloquine, and would be willing to talk to her and share your story (anonymously), please contact her via email at or by phone at +41 79 743 66 29.

New Mefloquine Class Action Lawsuit Filed in California

As recently reported in this article by Courthouse News Service, a California veteran has accused Roche and other defendants of failing to inform the public of the severe side effects of mefloquine (previously marketed as Lariam), claiming the companies “recklessly sold the drug as a safe and effective first-line treatment for malaria prevention.”

Attorneys in the class action lawsuit, at the law firms of Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton, LLP, Moore and Lee, LLP, and Rubinstein Law, note the primary legal issue in the case “is whether the manufacturer of Lariam adequately warned of known potential and permanent toxic side effects”.

You can learn more from the website of Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton, LLP and read the amended complaint, dated March 24, 2022, here.